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Generally, the organizational structure of a company depends on its size and form. There is a three-level organizational structure of P.A. Mehta with lucid authority and responsibilities.

Top level mainly consists of Board of Directors, Chief Executives, Managing +Director, etc. in P.A. Mehta. The partners and general managers are included in top level and mange the business unit and take policy decisions, business promotions, legal promotions, and also take the entire liability of the business unit. They also look after human resource management, marketing management as well as finance management of company.

Middle level management is the link between the top management and the lower level management. It consists of the functional link production department, sales account managers and personnel officers. They are experts of their respective fields and try to exceed the expectations from them. In P.A. Mehta, the middle level management consists of finance head, production head and sales representatives.

The bottom level management of the company includes jobbers, workers, foreman, etc. who are mainly responsible for the large scale production of the company. These people are important to the company as the entire production depends on them. The people in bottom level work according to the guidelines of middle level administered by the top level.

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