For manufacturing high quality snuff products, the latest infrastructure is a pre-requisite, hence we have imbibed a modern day infrastructure, in harmony with state of the art technology, to manufacture snuff tobacco products, which, from the time when it is picked to the time it is packed, has the essence and originality of tobacco, intact, without any intrusion of foreign elements in it.

Our Premises Infrastructure as under:

  • Raw Tobacco Storage
    Brahmankund Road, (Panjarapol)
  • Raw Tobacco Storage Fermentation
    Old Shihor, Nr. Girl's School
  • Sun Drying in Open Chowk
    Old Shihor, Tana Road, (Ramvadi)
  • Re-drying mixed with color earth storage
    Brahmankund Road, (Ambalivala Vanda)
  • Grinding shiewing, mixing, pulverizing
    Kunvar vav Nehra, Main Factory
  • Various sized packing sealing B.S.R.
    Dispatch Godown

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